Mostly nothing

May 16, 2022

I do a lot of walking and hiking in the PNW’s old growth forests. When it’s sunny out it can be difficult to get photos that work - lots of shadow and contrast make for distracting images. (Here and here.) I’m trying to lean into stronger compositional elements - lines, shapes - to compensate.

This first one has a neat fractal pattern that stands out well against the light background. Still messy, but at least it’s messy in an interesting way.

img Leica M10, Summilux 35mm f1.4

The second one is a “filler” photo; there’s no real subject, it’s just a generic nature shot. The strong vertical lines stood out to me.

img Leica M10, Summilux 35mm f1.4

And finally, this one has a nice subject separation due to the low-contrast background. I think I actually hit focus on this but the high contrast and thin DOF makes it feel blurry.

img Leica M10, Summilux 35mm f1.4